Pink is the new velvet

New host, new design. Pink.
Many of you might recognize the banner.

That’s the invite that Jessi designed for my housewarming party. I’d been racking my brains trying to come up with a design for the page. Things were hopeless and I was thinking about just buying a template. I surprised myself, though. After getting permission from Jessi I threw the image in photoshop and started working.
Then I got all frustrated because I don’t actually know anything about making graphics or designing things. Then I got really frustrated because I didn’t even know how to move the graphic around.
Then I realized how retarded I was. I work at an art college. I work with people who know how to do these things. A few minutes with Emily and Levi and I got it all figured out. Building the template was another piece of frustration, but I think we got it all worked out.
at least for now.
I need to figure out how to get more padding at the bottom of the boxes to the right, change a couple background colors and set up the photoblog. Easy.
Thanks to everyone who helped me pound out the issues. I’m still not done. It gives me a headache.