ring ring ring

god I hate my phone.
I’m about 3/4 done with my christmas shopping, the only stuff left is internet purchases (which should have been done first) and exchanging some stuff. Dinner is on the 23rd, bouillabaisse. I’m trying to keep the season under control, dinners on these days, quiet these days, etc. David leaves the 26th for New Orleans and I fly out after him on the 28th. Last year he left almost a week before I did and I missed him terribly, but then when I saw him at the airport it was like I’d explode with happy. Nice that.
I’m crocheting like mad, making scarves. I’ve learned a few new stitches and I’m happily making cables on one scarf! I’ve been modifying baby blanket patterns into scarves. Crazy? maybe. But it’s working.
Got lots of presents so far! YAY! Watching the first season of Lost courtesy of Alex. Now I can be up on the conversations of my friends and coworkers. Of course it might not be the best thing to watch when you have a plane crash phobia and your anxiety levels are getting high! Funny thing is, I fly all the time, fly all over the country, generally I am not so afraid anymore when I am on the plane, but even now, seeing a plane crash on tv or the aftermath of one, I can feel my chest tighten and my stomach roll and my heart race. When planes crash they fall and I despise the sensation of falling more than just about anything. Of course also there is the impact and the crashing and tearing and burning and death and all.
But, all that considered, it’s good so far.
I don’t have much else. there’s a small brown dog curled up against me, another brown dog sleeping on her bed, and a boy playing a zombie game.