Where have I been

None of your business, really.
I don’t mean that to sound harsh, but we’re just going to have to call this week a wash and let it go. Much happened, good and bad. Too much happened to talk about.
I stopped answering my phone and most of my emails. If I did not answer the phone when you called, it’s not that I don;t like you, it’s that I dn;t want to talk on the phone. If I did not respond to your emails, it’s because there is much in my head that preclude pleasant conversation.
Here is some happy news.
You can make your own, personalized postage stamps!!! Holy. Shit. I should be getting 2 sheets of Ghengis stamps in the mail very soon. They will be used to send the predictable custom holiday cards with the photo of the dogs together.
It is harder to photograph two dogs sitting still than you think.
I am crocheting scarves like a mad woman. I know most people knit, but I crochet (I CAN knit, but i’ve no talent for it. I’ll stick to crocheting, it’s where I do good). I’m using up my excess (giant rubbermaid tub) of yarn to make scarves. Go me. Sadly, I can’t make hats or mittens.
I finally booked my tickets to New Orleans for Christmas. Who the hell wants to go to New Orleans for the holidays? Apparently a lot of people. You can not get cheap tickets down there. I even called our corporate travel agent and she was more expensive than the internet (not inclusing her fees). I finally found tickets and booked them and will be in the big (busted) easy for the new year.
My dog sitter will be home for the holidays as well, so I am trying to find a good dog sitter who will work for cheap money, free laundry and food. I think with Maddie it’s got to be easier on her to get a dogsitter than it would be to board her.
I finally got to eat dim sum. I determined that I can eat approximately 42 pounds of dim sum related bundles before I feel the urge to die. Sadly, I also determined that there is…well, nothing for david to eat at dim sum. My new favorite is the shrimp with whole quail egg, or the shrimp and pork in the football shaped glutinous rice shell, or the sesame balls FRESH out of the fryer. I also ate tripe (meh, not so interesting) and chicken feet (okay, but I had just watched Sin City the night before and there is no way you can eat chicken feet without thinking about the scene where Marv’s parole officer is talking about how the werewolf made her watch as he sucked the flesh off her bones. I wigged out a little and had to stop eating).
Remember when you were in 9th or 10th grade and you were learning about Hitler or Stalin or many of the regimes like that, maybe in South America. Remember how you learned about people who were taken in the middle of the night for ‘crimes against the government’ and those people were taken away, jailed, never given a trial, maybe tortured? You always got a little freaked out imagining some guy who maybe didn’t do anything or maybe did do something, but something small like print literature of an opposing nature, or maybe he did do something and that something was bad but he never got the chance to go to trial and defend himself. Remember 10th grade world history? Yeah, I’m reminded of it every time I listen to the news. I have this idealistic faith in judicial system. I learned it was the great fairness of every situation. If you did something bad you would go to court, be put on trial. I learned that no matter what, you would go to court and be tried and if you had done something wrong or illegal real evidence would be presented and you would pay for your crimes in a fair and equitable way.
Of course there are all sorts of ways around these things, high powered lawyers, corrupt cops, whatever. In my idealistic world, however, i do truly believe that the government, regardless of the situation, should not get out of using the judicial system. It is the only way to be fair and true. If you cannot win a case in court, then maybe don’t secretly imprison someone with no chance of release, you’re not playing fair.
I need to stop listening to the news so much.
There are a million other things to report and talk about, Hammy the Hippo, Maddie’s foot, my haircut, the worst chinese delivery ever, Gladiator (god that movie sucked balls), whatever. I’ll get to them sometime…
I promise.