1) If you want to win at a card game you haven’t played before, your best bet is to NOT figure out everyone’s strategy and in fact make an effort to not know what they are doing. Those three were so used to each other and their playing style it was too easy to predict. I come in, I’d only played one other time and I did fairly well because they couldn’t figure out my damned strategy. I had no strategy.
2) Let’s welcome Alan back into the game. I’m still not sure what my “somewhat hands-off way” of encouragement is, but I’ll take it as a compliment. I will keep on him to update his website as often as I can.
3) Easter dinner at my dad’s place. We went for a walk around the lake after and I was not wearing walking shoes. I’m paying the price.
4) Sushi with my sister and her boyfriend and the couple that introduced them to each other. April’s boyfriend reminds me of a Semisonic song. Not a specific one, just maybe Keith is the guy in a Semisonic song, except with a better apartment.
5) I made a quiche to bring to easter dinner and could not eat it. I love eggs, i generally like quiche, but every once in a while I look at eggs and my stomach turns. I don’t know why, by all accounts the quiche should have been tasty, but the texture of everything put together seemed wrong all of a sudden. Good thing there was so much ham.
6) the good and bad thing about dating vegetarians is that I don’t eat nearly as much meat as I would like.
7) the countdown to the Keys has made me intolerable. I spent 15 minutes discussing my excitement regarding riding scooters around town. Also, the highest point in the Keys is 18 feet above sea level. I will conquer this.
8) bedtime, I’m exhausted. I promise to catch up on phone calls and emails this week. Peas Out.