Christ is risen

I’m saddened that (as is .net and .org) is taken, that would have rocked.
I’m not doing easter for people this year (please stop asking). Going to my dad’s tomorrow. My contribution is potato gratin (no mushrooms) and a quiche with spinach, artichoke hearts and goat cheese.
Beautiful day today, good day for chillin. Wish it wasn’t so windy, though. Dog got to get all up in the faces of other dogs, good for him. Speaking of the dog, 1) he has learned the secrets of tubalcain and 2) he does not like it when you act like you have a mouth full of rotten milk that you can’t spit out (this really upsets him).
ummm….in other not-so-intersting news….
I knitted a purse, didn’t like the outcome, took it apart, started it again but with a ribbed pattern, don’t like that either. I think it might actually be the yarn. I’m going to give this another inch or so and see how I feel.
I need to stop watching animated series dvd’s. Between Family Guy and The Simpsons my dream world has become rather unsettling. Worse yet, everything I write is recited by Stewie. dang.
I’m off to game night!