uw inactiviteit zegt meer dan uw lege verontschuldigingen.

Friday was all snow and being flu ridden and tired and whatnot.
Saturday was more of the same but with massive amounts of crankiness besides. No one wanted to be around me and I don’t blame them.
Sunday was pancakes with Owen and David (Alan was SUPPOSED to join us but it seems he was too tired after a long night of fun-having). Why do I always get the lingonberry pancakes? WHY?
Later I brought the dog to the clean version of the dog park, PetsMart! I wanted to take him to the dog park but he would definitely have needed a bath after and I didn’t have time to do both so I took him to the pet store where he could romp with other dogs and not get dirty. Much buttsniffing happened, he enjoyed himself.
Why didn’t I have time to give the dog a bath???
ROLLER DERBY! Dang, that kicked ass! Girls in short skirts fighting it out…sigh…pictures posted soon! I know a Dagger Doll, but sadly she was unable to skate last night because she’d been sick. Either way, a good time was had by all, I’ve got something like 80 shots up the skirts of the roller girls and an invitation to join (no thank you, as much as I like the idea of free reign to punch people in the head, I’d like to keep the list of victims pared down to the people who deserve it).
I drank too much coffee before the derby and ended up awake all night. Sucks.
Today’s big news…
Alex called me this morning, asked me if i could get the weekend of the 15th off work. I said I could and told me that was great as he just booked a hotel for us. Well, okay then! We booked the flight and I emailed my boss and that’s that. I’m headed to the Keys to drink vodka and eat lime popsicles and see the chicken lady and try conch fritters and swim in the ocean. Guess I’m breaking out the swimming suit. Blick.
Bahleeted on advice.
Why is it legal to take out someone’s feeding tube but it’s not legal to morphine them to death?? I’m not going to argue the right to life morals on the Schiavo case, but I am going to wwonder why it’s okay to have a law saying “starve the body to death” but it’s not okay to have a law that says “turn off life support and expedite the process from weeks to minutes”. I will admit I don’t know enough about the Schiavo case to say whether or not it is the right thing to turn off life support (in my own, uninformed opinion, I say turn off life support), but I will say that there is an unnatural cruelty to starving a body to death even if the mind is unaware. Fine, end it, pull the plug, but bring it to an end quickly and humanely. Sick animals are given more consideration.
But…can’t be too upset by this! I’m off to the Keys in a month!