So, dang, yo! It was a busy busy busy weekend.
Friday: Friday was not so interesting, it consisted of a bit of cleaning, pizza eating, goofmobiling and playing with the dog.
Saturday: The day started with the realtor coming out to assess things so that maybe the house will sell. Exciting? Not as exciting as putting squirrels in your pants for the purposes of gambling, but not bad.
(unrelatedly, the dog ate my DVD remote. I didn’t think much of it until I went and put Season 5 of the Simpsons in there. There is no scroll button on the front of my dvd player so I can’t scroll through menus of any sort. This isn’t a big deal except on episodic dvd’s like the Simpsons where you want to scroll through the list and pick the option “Play all without commentary”. Essentially, I can the first episode of any of the dvds. Also, I can’t turn on the subtitles, change to widescreen format or watch the extra footage on any of my dvd’s. I’m pretty sure that Ghengis is getting a universal remote for his birthday and that universal remote will be used by me or i will beat his puppy ass into the ground.)
After the realtor left, David made me breakfast (scrambled eggs with spinach, tomatoes and cheese) then he and I settled in for some hardcore coloring in Spongebob coloring books (WTF did you think I was gonna say? We already determined that banana stretching is only an illusion!). David is way more precise about his coloring than I am. I think I completed 4 pages by the time he was done with his first one. I totally missed coloring! We just kept the crayons and books on the table all weekend and I would go color now and then. It’s good for the soul.
(My sister gave me a Love Sack (shut up, pervert). The Love Sack is a gigantic bean bag monstrosity made for two people to sit on. Gigantic isn’t quite the word I’m looking for…remember when Jabba got Leia in that tarty little outfit? Yeah, pretend I’m the Weeble version of Leia and the Love Sack is Jabba without the tongue or access to a pit of doom. I had to hire a team of oxen to move it around my house.)
Then David and I curled up on the Love Sack (did I tell you about this? I think I did, perhaps in an aside somewhere else in this post, like right above this) and watched ‘Tampopo’. The movie made me hungry for Japanese noodles so I pitched myself to the floor and yelled until David took me out for noodles (or maybe I asked and he agreed, the details get hazy). After dinner we ventured over to see ‘I <3 Huckabees' at the cheapy theatre. Apparently every newspaper writer ever announced Huckabees to be their all time favorite movie or something. They all made this announcement on the same day so everyone on the planet went to go see this movie that night. No mind, we got in, we loved it, we will probably go see it again to pick up on anything we missed. (if anyone wants to buy me a late christmas present, a timely MLK jr present or and early birthday present, Napoleon Dynamite is out on dvd. Just a thought) Sunday: I woke up early with an urge to move stirring in my heart (I thought I was dying or something, it just felt so weird to have...motivation on a sunday morning). I got up, made coffee instead of sending the boy out to get some for me, I made breakfast (I think I might have perfected my pancake recipe. I used to hate pancakes and I've come to realize that I don't hate pancakes, i hate Bisquick pancakes and I hate buttermilk pancakes. I love regular pancakes, especially regular pancakes with cinnamon, cardamom, ginger and orange zest in them. Not a lot, just a little, just enough to hint at something more interesting than pancakes). I woke David up with some coffee (I know! I actually MADE the coffe myself. It was too strong or something, but I thought it was okay), hustled his butt to the table for breakfast, even gave the dog a pancake (sans syrup) to bribe him to behave himself. (My good pal, Ethan, sent me hardcore full spectrum light bulbs. Not the cheapo full spectrums you get at the hardware store for a dollar but the ones so bright that they have the same color as sunlight and they make your house look like it is full of space ships when you see them from the outside. These bulbs have both science and magic in them!) I did 2 loads of dishes, 5 loads of laundry, colored 4 pictures, watched two movies, made Indian spiced basmati rice, made the bed, entertained the boy and talked on the phone. You really have no choice but to like a guy who reads you Grimm's Fairytales while you color in coloring books. I love these rambling, pointless posts. Fun to write, don't mean anything. Also, someone just described the Monte Cristo sandwich as 'The dessert meatwich'.