My very good friend Ethan invited me down to the Austin City Limits Festival next month. The bands look great and Austin certainly knows how to put on a festival.
But of course there are pros and cons.
The festival will be fantastic, I’ll see lots of bands I’ve been meaning to see. I’ll get out of town and away from life for a bit. I’ll get back to Texas. Most importantly, I’ll get to spend time with Ethan and his lovely ladyfriend, which is something I truly need to do.
September is a shitty month for me, so much going on, so much to do, so much to take care of. Money’s tight until the house sells, everything I charge now needs to be paid off when we close on the sale, every dollar spent now is a dollar that can’t be used towards new furniture or a new car or on my trip to Ireland.
Emotionally, it’s a solid yes. Responsibility-wise, I’m torn, I can get cheap airfare and all, so that’s not a problem, but do I walk away from all this for a weekend?