* Indian food with Mark for lunch YUM!
* The tiny aquarium in the basement of the D.O.C. FUN!
* The Museum of Natural History, trilobites, monotremes, dinosaurs, spent all the time I wanted to there, HOORAY!
* Dinner with Jason then walking, talking, drinking, talking. FABULOUS!!
* Hulk Hogan on Biography, INSOMNIA!
Then today…
* Dim sum with Jason, YUM
* Coffee and talking and geeking out with Jason, YELLOW CARD!!
* Meeting Mark at the zoo (and it should be noted that Mark made a special trip in the rain JUST to meet me at the zoo, JUST so we could see the hippos. Mark is a good friend indeed), HIPPOS!
* Seeing AVP at the Uptown in DC. MASSIVE screen, just fucking massive, with great sound and a balcony. Defying popular opinion I’m going to give this movie a thumbs up. (I’m sorry, Alan, I just couldn’t wait, I’ll still see it with you)
* Now I’m off to see AC Newman at the Black Cat. I’d better see you there!!!