Bits and more bits

1) My boss told me today
a)I was not allowed to have any contact with my replacement.
b)he’s resigned himself to the fact that i’m not going to get any work done.
2) Quote of the day
I don’t need huge quantities of ejaculate to take over the world, just a willing army of hippos.
I wish I had the time and inclination to explain this to you, but…I don’t.
3) I spent much of the day talking to Ireland. I was on the phone on 4 separate occasions with 2 different people in Dublin. I’d like to justify it by saying I was firming up travel plans for my trip, but…I can’t. p.s. Irish boys are drrrty boys.
4) When I have to yell at Ghengis he immediately drops to the floor, splays out his front legs and puts his nose down. He gives me giant sad eyes. It’s sad. I still continue to yell.
5) I’m supposed to go to the opening night party for Death of a Salesman. On one hand, free food and liquor and eventually being felt up by drunk gay boys. On the other hand, sleeping.
6) HAPPY BIRTHDAY, APRIL!!! If my sister had a website, I’d link to it and you could send her birthday wishes. She does not have a website, so you’ll have to leave them in the comments. You’d better leave her birthday wishes or I’ll hunt you down.
7) I picked a house in Baltimore, now I just need to sell my house. Buy my house so I can quit my job and move to Baltimore.
8) There’s a distinct possibility that I will be able to swing going back to school when I move to Baltimore. I have to decide between studying something I love (paleobiology with an emphasis on evolutionary modeling – bet you didn’t know I was a nerd, did ya) or something conducive to a career (something with initials that mean business something boring). Fun or responsible? Don’t know yet.
9) Can’t wait for east coast road trips.
10) Gotta pee. Later.