So lately I’ve noticed that for every sucky thing that happens Karma seems to hand me an event of greater happiness! (I’ve also noted that I start a lot of posts and emails and things with the word ‘So’. Pretty sure there’s some rule about not using that word when you write because it’s not terribly professional or something.)
The other day I wake up to find that the puppy had devoured my sunglasses, my $300 prescription sunglasses that I cherish completely. I love these sunglasses. I wanted to cry.
I tried to go without sunglasses, they seem extraneous, but after 12 seconds outside I realized I couldn’t. I went to Pearle Vision last night to see about getting them replaced. I fully expected to pay full price for them and figured it was just part of the cost of owning a puppy (a puppy that’s going to find himself traded for whiskey real soon).
I brought them up to the lady at the counter, a delightful woman named Ardiss. She’s helped me pick out glasses before and I love her, she’s responsible for these sunglasses. She looks at them and says, “There’ll be a 30% copay to replace these.”
I’m confused for a second, I tell her that my insurance doesnt cover glasses, just eye exams. Oh no! It seems Pearle has some sort of replacement guarantee! If your glasses break or need to be replaced for any reason you just pay 30%! I yelled, “OH MY GOD!! You’re my hero!”.
AND!!! And, they were having a sale, 50% off frames! Exciting! since my replacement sunglasses were way cheaper than I expected I decided to get a second set of regular glasses as well. I tried on a few, Ardiss asked me what style I was looking for. The reason why I love Ardiss so very much is that when I said “Funky, nerdy girl” she wandered off and came back with the absolute PERFECT pair of glasses. They were funky, they were nerdy, they were girly. I pick them up tonight.
Unfortunately, they don’t stock my sunglasses frames in house anymore so they had to be ordered, hopefully they will be here before I take off for Baltimore/DC next week.
Life’s been pretty damned sweet lately. I’m enjoying the ride.

Hooray for Hippos

This is why I love hippos so very much. A pair of giant land mammals can just lumber their way out of a zoo and across the countryside unnoticed and then are able to wreak havoc with the local fishermen.
Whenever I try to lumber away from my desk and across campus so I can wreak havoc, people notice. God loves the hippo in a very special way. So do I.