The mistakes we make

David and I have a game where we’ll find something the other was looking at, and attaching a note with an arrow that says “you” or “your mom” or “your nutsack” or something equally rude.
Last night I was looking at a scarf pattern online. The example scarf was not so attractive, but the stitch pattern is nice and with the right yarn it could be a lovely wrap. This morning, when I first opened my laptop I was treated to the picture of the scarf and a text box with an arrow describing all the various things it could be.
Since David gets home before I do I figured I would pull up a big picture of a nutsack, have it cover the whole screen and label it, “you”. Searching for the term “nutsack” is not so fruitful. In google image search you end up getting many images of faces.
So I thought I’d search for scrotum.
When you search for scrotum you don’t get a number of hairy teabags, oh hell no. You get the most horrifying collection diseased, battered, pained and generally broken scrotums on the planet.
The internet broke my brains.