The long slow chill

How did I spend my long three day weekend? Finishing crochet projects, seeing movies, dog park, starting crochet projects, snuggling and being read to. I think my favorite part of the weekend is being read to. I love when we settle in, me with my crochet and him with a book that he reads out loud to me. I can think of nothing sweeter.
Went to see 2 movies Friday night (wild! wooooo!) at the cheapie theater (YEEEAAAAAHHHH). Saw The Simpsons. Completely unimpressed. Just not interested. It had a couple funny moments but overall, the sort of weird mishmash the tv show has devolved into.
Immediately after we saw Paris, Je T’aime to make up for the Simpsons. It worked. Seeing stuff like that always makes me want to write again. All the short stories, character studies, entires stories laid out in a single scene, the economy of limited space.
Today I hope to get photos of projects taken and posted, but first I must eat a giant bowl of cereal!