I’m a stupid baby

“Stupid babies need the most attention.”
aaah the Simpsons.
Yesterday’s PMS weep-a-long songs: Exit Movie for a Film and Karma Police. Karma Police? Yeah, I don’t know either. But you try wailing “for a minute there, I lost myself…I lost myself” while you have pms and the sky is drizzle grey. You just try it.
With all the talk of Radiohead’s new album I had to pop OK Computer into the cd player. It is the bar to which all their other albums are compared. After Hail to the Thief, I’m going to wait a bit until I buy In Rainbows.
Yeah, hooray for PMS. As a rule, I’m not one to suffer fools gladly, but I have even less patience for people now. Luckily no one at work has brought me any drama. This PMS is worse than usual and if I have to hear one more complaint about not being able to find a girlfriend or how unhappy someone is in their relationship I’m going to scream. You can’t find a girlfriend because you are seriously fucked in the head and I’ve been telling you that for 5 years now. As for you, “Mr I’m not happy with my wife”, the reason you are unhappy is because you are a ball-less shit who lets others think for you and then complains about the results. Grow up, grow a spine and stop complaining to me over and over and over about her. Just leave, I suspect she’d be just as happy with you gone. Though I do wonder why she doesn’t leave because if you are like this at home I’d have stuffed you in a trash can long ago. Wiener.
okay. Kind of feeling better now.
I think the lesson is, do not bring me non-drama and pretend it is drama and DO NOT bring me self generated drama. If your life sucks it’s probably because YOU decided to let it suck.
whoa, PMS and feeling like an asshole.