I am probably the only north american consumer of my generation that did not watch the transformers. I just didn’t. They were all angular and angry and blowing shit up. Me? I was a Go-Bots kinda gal. Less anger, less blowing up of shit. Wednesday morning, at 9:30 AM I will be watching the transformers movie. Why? Because my boyfriend and his friends and their friends are nerds.
I don’t think I can eat popcorn at 9:30. I’m going to insist on chocolate peanuts and an ICEE. If I have to get my ass out of bed early on the greatest holiday in american history (besides arbor day and flag day) I deserve peanuts and chocolate.
To write this post I had to engage in my retarded link-finding procedure again. Delving into my stats allowed me to peruse the links and search terms again. (since I am on David’s computer I cannot post screen shots. I am retarded and have forgotten how to navigate a PC)
1) it seems that there is some link to me from somebody’s myspace blog. Weird? superweird. Who are you on myspace that has linked to me? It doesn’t show up in the url.
2) Ever since writing a post about my pendulous breasts and the bras necessary to keep them aloft about 87 of the 102 search terms involve boobs, tits, bras, or bosoms in such combinations as “granny boobs” “giant bras boobs” “huge pendulous boobs” “i dont care much for boobs” “boobs in dressing room” and “volvo convertible bra”. I hope that in some way I have been able to fulfill your boob related needs in some way.
3) “how to incapacite someone” someone went onto the internet on a quest for knowledge. They wanted to know how to how to incapacite (sic) someone. Their search led them to me. Once again, I hope that I was able to answer that question for them.
4) “hindu astronauts religion” um…ditto
5) quite a few searches for me specifically, you know, putting in my name and city and things like that. hmmmm who are you? why are you looking for me? Should I get out my hittin’ stick?
6) this is my personal favorite, “she pooped her pants”. Awesome. Who are you people? how do you end up here?
I’m off. I’ve got to ponder the religion of hindu astronauts while incapacitating people.

3 thoughts on “nerdlinger

  1. GoBots blow.
    Transformers rawk! While the movie deviates from “cannon”, and Michael Bay directed, it was still hella good popcorn fun.

  2. Shit it was fantastic! We went to see it at the drive-in and you cannot beat that.
    It was old-school, two movies for five dollars premiere and it rocked.
    I wasn’t nerdy enough to wear my transformers tshirt though, I chickened out at the last minute.

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