Chester is a dude

This weekend we are dogsitting Doti the amazing spotted puppy. Chester is in the midst of a “I am 15 months old and kind of a dick” phase right now so I thought it would be prudent to take Chester over to play with Doti to make sure everyone had the capacity to be civil to each other.
No worries. After 15 minutes of sniffing, hiding, avoiding, running away from, and ignoring, they decided to play. and play and play and play and run and play and chase and wrestle. As far as I was concerned it was all good.
Then Chester decided he’d try something new, something he tries on Maddie but rarely succeeds at. He climbed up on Doti and started humping like mad. Doti didn’t really care so much. This was pretty much the awesomest thing that could happen for Chester
Is this awesome y/n
Being a decorous person, I pulled Chester off each time I found him on her, but he didn’t mind. At one point he let out a long, whistley fart as he was humping Doti. Add some tube socks and a beer and Chester is a total dude.