a quick rundown so far

  • Gettin up at to the airport at ass o clock in the morning
  • The priciest amricano and the shittiest salad ever at the atlanta airport during my layover
  • Airtran is not so concerned about time. They leave when they want, they arrive when they want and they tend to list arbitrary lengths of time for their flights.
  • My 3 favorite people at the Atlanta airport: 1) the japanese tourist in the “Kiss me, I grill” t-shirt, 2) the woman who demolished 4 (FOUR!!) bloody marys in the time it took me to eat my salad. She had been there since before I arrived and did not leave the bar until our flight got called, so who knows how many she actually drank! 3) the little girl in the stall next to me with her mom. As she was getting ready to pee her mom asker her where her underpants went, the girl replied “I lost them” the mom pointed out that she had given her new underpants to put on that morning and the girl reiterated “I LOST THEM, MOM!”.
  • Really really really happy to see David!
  • Tasty italian food
  • Missed David in the worst way, so glad to see him
  • Red beans and rice!
  • Geckos, tree frogs, anolis which are way cool
  • The chico frogs (named by me) which go “chico chico chico Chico CHICO CHICO CHICO CHICO CHICO CHICO CHICO!” all together but not in any sort of rhythm.
  • Went to Marshall’s house and saw the geckos and the dogs. Marshall’s dogs are super super cute! I’m totally going to steal them from him.
  • It is so so so hot here, pretty sure I’m going to die.

Pictures soon!

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  1. Love the new layout. Sorry it took me awhile to get here. You would get a kick out of lil maya and the stuff she talks about while we wait in the stall – and – bloody mary’s!~

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