Smack tasty

Tonight the lovely Mary came over for dinner. Mary is having a baby in 3 months which has me way excited making little baby things!
Tonight for dinner I brined a couple pork chops and then rubbed them with Penzey’s Galena rub and threw them on the grill. I softened half a stick of butter, added chili powder and lime juice and used that to baste the corn on the cob which was also on the grill. I served that with a salad of greens, tomato and chevre with a mustard vinaigrette (made with homemade mustard) and rosemary, sundried tomato focaccia.
The brining kept the pork chops juicy and flavorful, they were wonderful.
For dessert I served the mexican chocolate ice cream that I posted earlier and we sauced it with the raspberry sauce she made from the raspberries in her yard.
I ate til it hurt and the food was delicious. I still have half a loaf of focaccia! Someone come help me eat it.

Why pants?

Why is it that I automatically answer any “where” question with “in my pants”. It’s so ingrained in me.
“Where’s my mom?”
“In my pants”
“Where will it stop”
“in my pants”
“Where is the best place to purchase cut rate semi-precious jewels besides the black market?”
“in my pants, bitch”