man, what happened

Man, what the hell happened to turn the world on end? everything is wrong, so very very wrong.
Why is it that I am sitting at lunch with my coworkers and I’m telling them about the bag I’m crocheting and one of them tells us about the free show his stripper girlfriend and her coworker put on for him the night before. How did this happen? How did roles change so much?
whatever, I’m gonna post this and crochet a purse for a little canadian girl.


I’m leaving town in a couple days and the dogs decide to pick NOW to get ear infections. What the hell? Right? SERIOUSLY!! WHAT THE FUCKING HELL.
Each dog has an ear infection, but each dog is infected with something different. Maddie has her typical yeast infection, she gets them regularly enough. Ghengis has a bacterial infection. Lucky Emily gets to clean their ears and put drops in twice a day!
Tell me again why I have dogs, because I’m forgetting.
OH!! Also!! I fixed the massive accounting problem that had been plaguing me this week!! YAY!! and holy shit that hurt my head. On the other hand I finally learned the difference between a budget transfer and a journal entry! So, yay me!


Okay, so my iPod got stolen today, I’ve had a headache and a handache and I had to wrap my brain around painfully complex accounting problems. Today, not such a good day…
This evening, however, was completely different. I went to Owens, we ate cheap chinese food and I have a lavender head with a violet fauxhawk running down the middle. New hair will make anyone feel better, and I especially love going to Owen’s because I leave there feeling beautiful, not beautiful in a model kind of way but beautiful on my own terms. Beautiful with purple hair and a pound of confidence.
Also, I got to meet Chica, the coolest chow-chow on the planet. She was so sweet!
Okay, it’s late, I’m off to bed.
ps if you would like me to make a bunny, teddy bear or stuffed doll for a christmas gift for you to give to someone, please let me know ASAP. I have a lot of crochet projects between now and the end of the year and I need to plan ahead.