naked and fearless

So, in a calendarical coup, my birthday falls on the unholiest of unholy days that only happens…well once a century, but still. 06/06/06…666 the birthday of the beast!!
Here’s the problem, though, June 6ths falls on a tuesday this year. suck. Normally I am not opposed to throwing my party on the weekend before my birthday because, when it comes down to it, no one really cares why they’re partying, they just want some cake. Like I said, normally I wouldn’t be opposed but I think having a 666 party on 636 kind of kills the intent…and the mood. The four fingerfoods of the apocalypse just aren’t as funny 3 days before they are supposed to be consumed. The mood will be killed.
On the other hand, if prophecy comes true then the mood is totally going to be killed when my impish minions come struggling out of the soil to guide me in my ascension (or descension??) to my rightful place. I imagine everyone born on June 6th is going to have to deal with this, we’re blessed!
So, will it totally kill the mood when a horse of flame wanders into the living room? Is it a private moment to mount your fiery steed, draw your sword and ascend to the heavens where you ferociously scar the face of the sun for its impudence???? Or do you want people around? Party witnesses something like that and you immediately have a solid army of followers.
But what if this all happens on Tuesday morning? Then no one will see it AND I won’t get to have a party (i’m assuming I’ll be too busy getting fitted for armor and filling out HR forms to really pay attention to a party).
It’s hard to have an unholy destiny to fulfill. So many things to worry about.
and, to 180 this into the realm of the boring…
I ordered a book on how to make cheese at home! So I’m hopefully going to start with fresh cheese over the spring and if things go well, I’ll move into aged cheeses this summer.
Yesterday, in a foolish fit of cooking that has set my wrist to aching I made a big batch of salsa verde, cherry ginger jam, multi grain bread and pizza dough.
The salsa verde was insanely good (1 pound tomatillos, 1/2 poblano chili, 1 very small onion, 2 cloves garlic, 1 big handful of cilantro, chopped, one avocado. Food Processor it! add salt) I would have gone with slightly more heat than the poblano provided and slightly less onion as it was too oniony for my tastes. This is going to have to suffice for me since my beloved Herdez Salsa Verde is no longer available in Minneapolis and my other options (La Costena, Embassa) suck hard.
The cherry ginger jam was okay but not great. This is part of my great experiment on jams. This batch was too sweet and did not have enough cherry flavor. Also, I’m wondering if candied ginger would work better than fresh. My next experimetns will include ginger plum, spiced cherry, and curried apricot. I dreamed that my ginger cherry won a blue ribbon at the state fair and that Gedney started selling it (if you are not from minnesota, Gedney produces and sells the blue ribbon winning jams and pickles from the state fair. My friend, Barb, is the Minnesota jam queen!). They changed the name to Hong Kong Blossom and made my picture a hologram so the hair color could keep changing. The other jam ladies HATED me!
The pizza dough was for pizzas but we didn’t get around to making them so it’s in the fridge. Made the bread for the jam and they went well together.
I have a freezer full of jam (you’re not supposed to reduce the recipe or futz with it…we’ll see about that) so if anyone wants beginner cherry ginger jam, let me know.
Also, I went grocery shopping and did laundry.
Okay, my wrist hurts like hell, I can’t type while wearing the brace so I have to take it off and now it hurts. I meet with the surgeon on the 3rd and hopefully we can schedule surgery soon after that. Soon! Get that damned monster out of my wrist!
It’s a beautiful day, chochachos, go outside!