oh…I forgot

Yesterday, I totally parallel parked all by myself! Those who know me know of my issues with depth perception and my total retardation when it comes to spatial relationships (and spazzy relationships!) so i tend to avoid the parallel parking at all costs, I’ve even been known to stop in the middle of parallel parking, get out of the car and make the passenger finish the job.
This is how much I suck at it.
Yesterday I had to run to the grocery store to get the food to feed the burning need to cook everything in sight and when I got back I realized that someone was parked behind David, the space in front of him was open (that’s where I WAS parked when I left) and John’s car was still in the space in front. Fuck it, I decided to try.
I sat quietly, gathered my feng chi whatever, calmly thought it out and did it. and it worked.
probably because the spot was like 87 feet long, but still, I didn’t park on the other block.
Of course, if I were able to park in my garage this would be a non-issue but that’s another post for another time…
also…unrelatedly…batterfried okra is very VERY reminiscent of healthy tater tots. Just saying.