The Mudgeon

Ghengis has had a weird little bump on the end of his ear for a little bit now. Yesterday it kind of got gross (I won’t go into details) so I brought him in to the vet today.
Seems he has a tumor. A fairly common thing, but serious enough that he has to have it removed. He goes in tomorrow morning for a biopsy and surgery.
I wish I had something more to write about, but I’m worried about my little mudgeon right now.
Oh, wait, I know! I want Colin Meloy and Mike Doughty to somehow manage to make a baby and then I want that child to grow up fast and then I want to make babies with him. We’d have fucked up �ber-babies, I know it.
Okay, that was just strange. Think kind thoughts for the little brown doggie.
ADDENDUM: I just got a call from the vet, he is recovering fine but they were unable to determine the nature of the bump from the biopsy and are sending it to the university for further tests. Let us all hope it is not cancer.