en la cabeza

I love when David and I hit the little Mexican places for dinner. Not the big, fakey places with chimichanga platters and yucatan combos, but the real places with the little counters and no English spoken. I love watching him order everything in Spanish. He always tells me I should order in spanish, but my spanish is so terribly bad that if I even attempted “mas queso, por favor” they’d give me this weird sideways look, shrug their shoulders and head to the back room. Minutes later they would return with a tortilla covered goat, which they would unceremoniously shove at me while shooing me out the door. “puta!” they’d mutter under their breath as I wandered away.
Anyway, David ordered our food (I had the burrito con puerca en salsa verde con papas) and I looked at the pan of lengua and wondered if the cow’s ghost spent the rest of its eternity tasting peppers and onions.
Afterwards we picked up mexican beer and watched Lost (thanks again, Alex!).
I got my new insurance packet and was checking out the point system for how they determine how much to raise your rates based on your violations. I was not pleased to discover that running a red light would net you more points than any alcohol related violations. Total bullshit. Also, what’s the difference between a fraudulent and a fictitious license? Because the violations are listed seperately.
Speaking of violations, I got an official letter in the mail telling me that since a judge ruled that traffic light cameras were unconstitutional the state was not able to process my ticket at this time. Sorry for the inconvenience. I’m not entirely sure what was unconstitutional, but I don’t really care. Ruling the law unconstitutional is by far the coolest way i can think of to keep my driving record clean. Sexy? Yes! I think this is exactly what the founding fathers had in mind (the founding fathers of Minnesota, mind you, this isn’t a supreme court issue…yet).
I still can’t believe that I would garner fewer points getting busted for having an open container in the car than running that damned red light. I might have to go kick their progressive asses.
Tonight I am the hubbopots and I like that.