mmm it’s time for favors

In order to help my boss maintain domestic bliss I promised to eat his salad. In fact I announced it in a clear voice over the phone. I’m going to eat his salad.
I hope he appreciates what I do for him.
The problem with making a concerted effort to not write about mundane crap is that I can’t tell you how I got new car insurance last night and how the little Geico Gecko promises so much in terms of savings but mostly just lies. Don’t trust geckos on the tv is the lesson here.
Went with Progressive, way cheaper.
And in happy news, Anna came back! Anna graduated in December and we figured she’d go off and find her way then. But she stayed on a bit to help with extra projects in the department. Then she decided to get a ‘real’ job at a music box store.
ha. real.
Hell, there wasn’t even a bump in our friday lunch schedule. She was back today and we were off eating cheap Asian food just like we were a week ago.
Welcome back, Anna. I hope now you have a better understanding of just how trapped you are.
and, projects for this summer…1) perfect my jam making 2) perfect my bread making 3) learn to make cheese (book is in the mail!) 4) join a CSA and eat more vegetables.
Next year buy a hobby farm with 6 chickens, 4 goats and 3 dogs.