Tea Time

When I am not feeling well I like to take my mom’s china teapot out and make a big pot of earl grey tea. It’s just one of those comfort things that reminds me of my mom. I wish I culd replicate her soft boiled eggs on buttered toast, too, because that would make a perfect antidote to whatever was ailing me.
I’m still battling whatever it is that’s beating up my glands and lymph nodes. It’s strangely low key, it makes me tired and my neck (but not my throat) hurt a lot, but it ebbs and flows. It will pass.
Last night we went to see Hanuman, King of the Monkeys. Good show, extremely cute. A friend of David’s did the music for it. Afterward we went to Cafe Latte to celebrate Brian’s birthday with the other people from Ball’s Cabaret. Fun time, ate too much, got too tired.
I was getting irritated with always running out of bread flour when I want to make bread so I was planning on buying a big 50 pound bag of it on line from a place with �ber-che�p shipping, but the grocery store came to my rescue, they had bread flour on sale for 50% less than I was going to buy it for. I picked up 15 pounds and I’m hoping to get another 20 or 25 when I go grocery shopping today.
Not much else, I’m tired and whatnot. David is performing tonight. YAY!