So I noticed that I used to write about things, subjects, singulars. Now I just vomit out paragraphs datailing the minutia of my days.
Sorry about the puke on your shoes.
Anyway, yesterday…
Spent a lot of time nursing my pained glands and trying not to fall asleep every few minutes. Whatever’s been bothering me seems to have cleared up for now. David brought me Chipotle and we watched Fawlty Towers on dvd. My only question about the show is ‘if the guy dislikes owning a hotel so very much, why does he own a hotel???’. Yeah, pointless question, I know.
Started, tore out, restarted, tore out, picked a new pattern, started, tore out….trying to make a scarf for Jessi, just cannot find the right pattern. Let me make a small, crochet related complaint that none of you will care about…the ‘F’ sized hook is 3.75mm in size ‘G’ sized hook is 4mm in size, this is a nice move up in gauge size. The next jump up, the ‘H’ sized hook is 5mm, this is a full millimeter in width. I want a 4.5mm hook! I want something between G and H. It seems like such a petty thing, but when you’re trying to find the right gauge, a half a millimeter can make a great deal of difference. I will often take a new ball of yarn and make a few swatches with different hooks just to see which is more suited to the yarn. Right now I am working with peruvian cotton, feels nice, looks good, but is not bound very well and will untwist easily so a smaller gauge is better.
Sorry about that.
Last night David performed at Balls Cabaret again. He sang bits and pieces of songs that he has and is working on. He sang about poop, Robert Frost, moosalamoos, a horse’s ass, llamas and a racetrack. It was very funny and he’s just so damned cute up there.
We ended up staying pretty late, David and his friends nerded it up talking about 80’s sitcoms. My god, they knew all the theme songs to all the shows, they knew the theme song to Mork and Mindy!!!
Needless to say, we got home late, got to bed late and got up LATE. I feared we would be late for our date at the dog park but I got a message that levi was sick and with the wet wet snow I decided to forgo what would certainly be a very muddy afternoon.
Instead we went to ‘breakfast’ at 4pm and then grocery shopping. You know how you run out of the essentials at the same time? Stupid things like canned tomatoes and sesame oil. Stocked up like mad, it cost too much all around. AND the guy bagging the groceries forgot to put (presumably) one bag in the cart so now we have to go back to get the bread flour, the gladware, the rawhides and some band aids. What a pain.
In the happy side, I picked up a multigrain blend for making multigrain bread and made my first loaf tonight. Excellent stuff.
Came home, made 2 kinds of croutons with the last bit of the last loaf of bread, did some dishes, made salads with a plum/ginger vinaigrette, read my book for a bit and took the dogs out.
Exciting, no?