Last night I came home, laid down around 6pm and did not get up again until this morning. I have a sore ear, a swollen salivary gland and a matching set of giant lumps on either side of my larynx. I do not have a sore throat. So the possible options are ear infection or lymphatic cancer. I’m going to vote for ear infection.
So I went to work, did a few things, wrestled with my excel issue (I know exactly what I want the end result to be, I know what the middle part SHOULD do to get me to that point, I don’t know quite how to make the middle part do what I want it to do. Also, when they upgraded my computer they forgot the ODBC drivers so I am not able to link separate excel documents. whatever, boring) and then came home again. All I want to do is sleep.
Discovered that livejournal wants to hump my website 6 ways from sunday! Just checked my stats for February and there are about 8000 links from Livejournal users, not such a big deal. The real deal is that I come up on all these LJ image grabbers which means some dillhole is linking to a picture of mine. Strange? Yeah, totally, but I’ve come to accept that there are some strange people out there. You people have problems.
I totally missed my 5 year anniversary with this website. It was on the 19th of February. Oh well, there really wasn’t much to cover that was not covered in the 500th post extravaganza I did a few months ago.
I’m going to go make some soup and watch some movies. Later y’all.
ps I discovered that I can pass 8th grade math!