Hoping that I see you on the Street

it’s your kind of day
as you can see, nothing has been resolved yet with my MovableType issues but I am seriously considering getting a new host. EasyASPHosting has been good to me up to this point, reasonably priced, consistent service and all that. There comes a time, though, when you have to be willing to pay more to get service that goes beyond someone in another country getting paid less than minimum wage with a goal of closing every help ticket that comes his way with no actual urge to help.
I will pay more to have my site hosted at a place that is willing to pay to have actual, real tech support, not jokey clown car tech support.
I’ve saved all of the emails between me, blake, jared, brendan, gilbert and the newly added ‘rey’, someday I will find the strength to post them.
I had one of those perfect pms music trifectas this morning with sad songs making my voice crack as I sang them. I’m such a girl.
Today we had Jessi’s birthday cake party. Go Jessi! Sunday I take Alan to a Twins game for his birthday, Go Alan!
Tonight for dinner it’s tofu mol� with veggies and rice. I’m using a jarred mol� sauce, sigh, I feel shame. I want to make it but my mol� sauce takes all day and lots of tweaking and adjusting. Sauce from a jar takes minutes and if it does not taste good we can blame the jar. Easy!
David is off teaching a guitar lesson, hopefully i will mostly get dinner done by the time he gets here. I’m not so domestic as I used to be, mostly ut of laziness, but I have my moments.