There’s a first time for everything

Today I had some firsts…
1) I voted in my first primary. I’ve never voted in a primary before, i’m still not even sure of the point of the primary but I looked up the candidates and we wandered over and voted. I even abstained from voting on the categories that I didn’t know (except for Ted Cabana, I totally voted for him. How could I not?).
1a) I vouched for david as he did not have the new address on his license. I did not have my new license but I had a gas bill. I had to sign a paper saying that David was legit. I had to sign an oath. Neat.
2) I drank tamarind soda! It was good!
3) I saw a squirrel poop!!! (see entry below) It finally happened, pretty much all of my dreams have been realized.
yeah, okay, only 3 new things, but still!!!!