the kids…they are not so cool

It’s summer and once again it is time for the high school kids to invade the college campus. The major benefit of this, of course, is free breakfasts and lunches for me from the cafeteria (though I usually don’t eat the breakfast as deep fried utility grade bacon and powdered eggs just don’t appeal). So every day I head up there and get my lunch and chill with the coworkers and listen to the kids. Thing is, you’d expect these kids to be all up on pre-trendy things, like this are the kids who know the cool things before they are cool.
Except they don’t. Today, the king of the cool kids table was regaling his minions with a blow by blow retelling of the GI Joe public service announcement parodies. He was particularly fond of Body Massage and tried to imitate the guy. After that he moved on to Cornholio and the Beavis and Butthead movie. None of these kids had seen it before. He knew all the Cornholio lines from the move and the episodes.
Man, I was so disappointed in them.
Sadly, my plans to go to Cupcake got cancelled at the last minute. No sugar high for me, but never fear, I will get to Cupcake very soon. Red velvet cupcakes are calling my name (as well as the mocha ones and the black bottom one). If we don’t go on friday then I’ll drag David over there this weekend. I need me sme cupcakes!
I have to figure out how to calm maddie! You would not believe the way she reacts when I get home. When David walks in she’s happy to see him, glad he’s there. When I come in it’s a completely different story. She freaks, she can’t get close enough, she can’t express how happy she is. Takes a good fifteen minutes to calm her down. She’s crazy!
Not much else, it took me 3 hours to write this!