Calming down a bit from the cupcake high.
It is hard to find the ultimate dog collar. You would not think this would be a hard thing and certainly, for most normal people, it’s an easy task of measuring your dog’s next, finding a semi-agreeable color and that’s that. Not for me. I have to find the ultimate cool collars for my dogs. Something that matches, good pattern, not too expensive, not too chintzy. Their new collars make them look like extras on Magnum P.I. and this afternoon I caught Ghengis yelling at Maddie, calling her ‘Higgins’ and wondering where his Ferrari was. To her credit, Maddie sat there, dignified and unresponsive, if a little miffed.
I kind of think now that I should apologize to them for these collars, but my options were fairly limited. The bulk of my options were all ‘north-woodsy’ and if you’re not from minnesota I can’t really describe it except that you have to picture log cabins and hearths and homey little places and neutrally earth tones and pine boughs. I’m pretty sure that dressing my dog up like Craig T Nelson in ‘Coach’ is a far worse sin than turning them into some guy that wears white pants with hawaiian shirts.
The Betsy half of ‘Jetsy’ and I went to Pepitos for dinner tonight. Had the chicken mol�. Not so good, not much flavor, meat was overcooked. Sad mol�, but good company and good beer so i’m far from complaining.
I get the proofs for my invites in the morning. Who’s excited? Heather is excited. I need to finish up the page that goes with the invitation then we’re good to go! Dena is my printing queen! She’s absolutely magic. I don’t need to deal with the Kinko-tards at all! (sadly, i’m also not allowed to deal with the kinky-tards, but that’s not Dena’s fault, that’s the whole “court ordered injunction” thing).
Yeah, so i had a very rough night last night. Lots of emotions and stress and rollercoastering. What I got in return was a lot of love and understanding and kindness. My heart is ever amazed.
I go camping this weekend. Oh hello. FUCK! If this site never gets updated again you will know that I was eaten by a bear. I paid for a year of hosting so it will be a while before it goes down.
Ghengis just asked to use the phone so he could call TC to get a chopper lift to the big island. We’re gonna have to have a talk.
Ghengis gets to hang out with Bela while I’m out of town. It’ll be like a magical sleepover for him.
We had tasty cool weather, but sadly it has come to an end. I had to turn the air back on today and that was sad.
Dear David, please hurry up and bring the toilet paper. and the cupcakes.
I wonder what sort of collars I could get the dogs to make them think they were on the A-team?

uh huh

Okay, instead of using this space to talk about my retarded handling of my retardedness, I’ll just ramble on about what I heard on NPR tonight.
They were talking about the people who bury the unclaimed in Iraq. People are being killed all the time in Bagdad and for the most part their bodies are immediately claimed by their families and given a proper burial.
During Saddam’s regime, when political prisoners were tortured and killed, if no one came to claim the bodies, they were thrown into a pit for dogs to eat. A man saw this and knew it was wrong. He put together a group and they went to the morgues and started claiming the unclaimed bodies. They gave them a proper and respectful burial. He does this for no charge.
He said he had hoped with Saddam gone his activities would decrease or even cease. He was wrong. His work has increased ten-fold as suicide bombings and sniper attacks and kidnappings and beheadings and all that increase. He takes all unclaimed bodies regardless of religion or sect. He takes them all because they all deserve a proper burial. They deserve repsect even in death.
He even takes the bodies of the suicide bombers. He makes no distinction, he buries them all in the cemetery, even those who we would say do not deserve it. He is poor, living in Bagdad’s slums. He does this because his religion teaches him that you never allow a dead body to be defiled, not even that of a dog’s. He does it because regardless of what a person has done, they are still human and they deserve at least that much respect.
I want to have that respect in my heart. I want to be able to say “you have done terrible things but still i would do for you a charitable thing”. I wish I could be that person. I wish I could say, “you wronged me, you did this thing to me, still I hold you dear. I will give you what ou need”.
At the very least, most of the people I treat with neutrality. Very few are ever looked upon with enmity. I have much to learn from those people. They are the ones I need to reconcile. One day at least.


There is much happiness in my heart right now. maybe it has to do with Cupcake, maybe it has to do with forgiveness, maybe it just has to do with bheebhoobheebhoo. I don’t know.
I feel lighter. I feel happier.
I want to write about Ethiopian food and pms and new dog collars and sunburn and camping.
Maybe later.
I’ll leave you with this…
When i say ‘Jetsy’ you say ‘Zitron’