I go back

On my day off work I go back to work to meet the ‘gals’ to go to lunch. Gals. I have vacation time to burn up so I’m taking a day here and there to keep it manageable until I go on my vacations later (camping in the BWCA, the Badlands, Austin TX). Since my boss takes every Friday off and I was �ber-busy early this week. So I take a wednesday off, but we had plans to go to Cupcake and I’m not breaking those plans!! This is Cupcakes! If you have that whole healthy thing going on, you do not eat at Cupcake. If you worry about carbs or sugar or weighing your portions you do not eat at Cupcake. If you are one of those people that makes it really hard to go out to eat with, I will not invite you to Cupcake.
Cupcake is torturous hell for the anorexic/orthorexic crowd! They frost everything. I think my egg salad sandwich had a crown of rich buttercream on it the last time I was there, I can’t remember, i went into a sugar coma.
Yeah, so…Cupcake today.
Then I go back home, get the all too charming Maddie-Delicious and bring her BACK to work so the ‘Gals’ can meet her. Then I take her to petcosmart whatever and get new collars for them. Something sparkly! Target had nothing in the way of cool collars, they did have an entire section devoted to those tiny yippy little dogs. It was upsetting.
I restocked the chew toy supply as Ghengis was getting dangerously low on things to chew on and was digging out toys he never wanted to touch before. I picked up a big pack of rawhide rolls and offered one to each of them. Maddie is not so keen on taking things from people, especially if she does not know what it is. She’s not particularly interested in chew toys anyway. Ghengis, on the other hand is a selfish jerk (and I mean that in the most loving way!). He ran off with his rawhide and then came back and got Maddie’s and put that next to his. I got Maddie a new one (you just can’t teach dogs about personal property, they believe everything is theirs). Eventually, Ghengis ended up with a pile of rawhides and Maddie napped next to me unaware.
The only thing Maddie IS protective of (besides me, and that’s its own post) is mushy food. We gave them some and Ghengis naturally pushed his nose into hers and a great explosion rattled south Minneapolis as these two dogs battled. David got them apart and I held Maddie down. She was terrified that she was in trouble, I felt so bad for her. I know now to keep them apart when there is mushy food!
Yeah, okay so housewarming party is 8/27. If it is a manageable crowd (doubtful when I start to look at the list) we’ll have sushi dinner. If it’s bigger we’ll do finger foods. Suppose I’ll have t decorate before then and set up the fish tank!
Ordered hiking boots and walking shoes yesterday. Ordered 2 different pairs of each and will send some back. The walking shoes are a toss up, the New Balance are lighter and more what I need, the Vasques are kiwi green and cute as hell (and probably way more than I need in that they are trail running shoes). The hiking boots are just going to be determined by which feel better.
Yeah, I bought hiking boots and walkign shoes. Jesus. Maybe I don’t have cancer, maybe I am actually losing weight. Doubtful. I’m going to Cupcake anyway. Suckers.