Two in a day? Yeah!
1) I finally forced myself to chill. I made popcorn with butter and Ray’s Rad Chilies. Next time, more sauce.
2) Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? Aaaaw Yeah.
3) Penguins? AAAW YEAH! (though I might have missed is, Sherlock is giving me fuckity movie listings at the moment.
4) Sherlock is one of my favorite OSX gadgets. I should have used it yesterday when we were trying to figure out if John’s flight had landed.
5) I booked my trip to Austin. Who’s psyched? Heather’s psyched! Who got a good deal? Heather got a good deal!
6) The problem with having a shitty system of keeping addresses and contacts is that when you are planning a party you are sure to forget somebody. My most reliable method is to just read my email address book for names. You know what I use for my address book? Amazon.com! It really only works for the people you have sent gifts to using amazon, and you can never really remember if the addresses are current or not. I have a palm pilon somewhere, I don’t really use it anymore. Maybe I should.
7) Reading “Never Let Me Go” by Kazuo Ishiguro. Good so far. Sad too.
8) The kinkos websire sucks. Hard. It’s a shitty site that won’t give me the information I want. I recognize that most people are printing up earning reports or some boring shit like that. I want post cards. Show me one thing that isn’t spiral bound please.
9) dear you, come to my party, help me make desserts. You know who you are. Little desserts, I know you can do it.
I say ‘bed’ you say ‘time’


Today, Jessi and I went over the invitation design over lunch. The design incorporates the doogles, t-rex, a house and the color pink. I am making my excel spreadsheet with names and addresses and these will be merged into word for address labels because I *RULE*!
Wait..who rules? I RULE!
Last night there was a poop disaster. That’s all I’ll say about that.
I’m like a breathing hiking boot advertisement. Go now, buy a pair of Asolos, you will not regret this purchase!
I’ve been waking up in the middle of the night a lot lately. What a pain.
Anybody out there upgrade to OSX Tiger? Any thoughts? I’m thinking about it. Also need to upgrade the RAM on my powerbook as I intended to when I bought it and it just never happened. I am confused, however as one place tells me my computer has only one memory slot but my computer tells me it has 2, one filled the other empty. I’m easily confused.
There is no ‘P’ in hamster (or my ool for that matter). It is not spelled hampster. Ironic, coming from me the typo queen, still though.
The only things on my mind are camping and my party! Want to come to my party? Give me your address, I’ll send you an invite!