You totally thought it was worth it, didn’t you?
Last night I had the absolute saddest dream I think I’d ever had. I had been stealing money from work and calling in sick so I could go shopping (one of my coworkers got busted for that and she’s totally being prosecuted for it. I think that’s why THAT is in my head). I got busted and had to go to jail. David was with me when i got arrested and was shocked and really sad. I wanted to go to him and comfort him but I knew that he would want nothing to do with me now that I was going to prison. When I got to prison I realized I would not be able to update my website or check my email which also saddened me (dork.). The first night I went to sleep in prison, after my mom handcuffed me to the bed, I realized I would never see david again. I woke up crying.
I love and hate dreams like that. I hate waking up crying but I love how vivid they are. They melt into my brain like real memories. I was sad for a good part of the morning, every time I thought about the dream I wanted to cry. Sad.
I’m over it now.
I need to order things from the intarweb. mmmshopping.
Also, sometimes I wish I ran a betting operation. I bet I’d make one sweet bookie. Ya know?


yank yank yank
tug tug tug
I ate too much Colombian food for breakfast. It’s hot as fuck and sunny and windy. I’m doing laundry and dishes. There is nothing exciting.
Well, I’m planning food for the party, that’s sort of exciting. I have this one hors d’oeuvres cookbook that is some sort of bizarre anachronism for 1996 when it was published. It offers up recipes for broiled prunes with blue cheese and fish mousse piped on to rye bread. I keep it because it has good techniques for things like stuffed croissants.
Did I mention how hot it was outside? It’s hot. And humid.
I go camping in a week. I am going to die.
I will be dead. hahahahahaha