Story Times

There once was a crazy old lady called Auntie BubboPants. She has a niece she loves very much.
One day she decided to visit her niece.
and off she went
When she arrived she found sweet Viivi in such a state!
So she hugged Viivi
and gave her a little kiss.
Little Viivi drifted off
and dreamed about some tapir doing colorado dancing with a sesame plant.

9 thoughts on “Story Times

  1. This is the most awesome story! I love it and your niece is so precious and so lucky and that doll is so perfect, just like you!

  2. Please, will you pretty pretty pretty please print these out as a book and give them to Vivi? You could do a whole series! The Adventures of Viv and Auntie BubboPants! It’ll mean the absolute world to her in a few years.

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