HI HI HI!!! I am doing the thing that is looking for you!

HI HI HI!!!Oh my god!!! HI!!! Okay! HI!
HI! My name is Chester12Pound and I am the age that is 3 and I am a thing that is the North American Meatball Terrier and I am the truth that is AWESOME
About the thing that is Chester (me)
Name: Chester 12 Pound
Nicknames: Munson, tunk, puntsen, ONOMONKEE, Little one, asshole, Duke Chester III of Nokomia
Height: Approx 12 inches at the thing that is my shoulder
Weight: 34 pounds
Build: Solid as a meatloaf
Age: 3
Color: White with black patches and grey deckles
Eyes: Root Beer
Sex: Boy
Hometown: Nokomia
Education: Two Dog Obedience Classes
Living With: The Lady, The Man and Maddie
Puppies: No
Wants Puppies: Sigh, they did the thing that was the neuter
The things that I like
Favorite Song: “He’s the Munsonite”
Favorite Book: “Biscuit: From Plain to Peanut Butter, How One Treat Changed the World”
Favorite Movie: The one that is me and Maddie at the Dog Park
Favorite toy: OH MY GOD!!! My TOY!!!! I love my toy so much and no one can ever do the thing that is touch my toy! I have to do the thing that is bury my toy so that no one can touch it, not even MADDIE!
Favorite Activity: OH MY GOD!!! The Dog Park!!! Do you do the thing that is go to the dog park! Because I love to go to the dog park and it is the thing that is so much fun!!! and I can do the thing that is run around like a CHESTER and there are the dogs that are the other dogs and they like to run with CHESTER (me) and I can make peewee wherever I want to make a peewee and sometimes there is the thing that is a toad that has the insides of the toad on the outside of the toad!!! and OH MY GOD!!! If you find that! If you FIND THAT TOAD!!! You can do the thing that is roll on it like this SZSZSZSZSZSZSZSZSZSZSZSZSZS and it smells like the thing that is the best smell ever and it gets on you and you smell like a toad that has its insides on the part that is the outside and when you roll on the toad sometimes the insides of the toad go on the outsides of YOU!!! and at the dog park you can smell the things that are every where and you can run and you can jump on Maddie and then you run away from Maddie and the thing that is true is that Maddie can’t catch me and knock me down except for the times that she does that.
Likes: Peanut butter biscuit, the way that a butt has a smell, my special bed, Maddie, making peewee, my toy, my bones, special hugs, when the lady makes the thing that is roast and I can have some, ear scritches, belly rubs, stinky toads, mushy dog food, doing the thing that is hauling ass around the yard, chasing the man, the basement, naps in the sun, carrots, peanuts, forehead kisses
Dislikes: baths, THE MAILMAN, when the thing happens that I am in trouble, boxers, car rides, sharing, being the thing that is alone, when Maddie finds my toy!
The things that are the things that maybe you are
You should be the things that are the good and the nice and also like to go to the dog park and run run RUN with me (Chester) and go on the long walks and take turns smelling the butts and the pee mail and finding the things that are the biggest smells and making jokes about the man picking up the poop and helping me knock Maddie down and maybe then do some cuddles and have a peanut butter biscuit! Is this a thing that maybe is a thing we could do?


okay!!! BYE BYE BYE

3 thoughts on “HI HI HI!!! I am doing the thing that is looking for you!

  1. HIHIHIHIHI! We are Laney (http://www.flickr.com/photos/thebees/2272768182/) and Tux (http://www.flickr.com/photos/thebees/3066377182/). We both like to run and run and run and run. Tux likes to sniff butts. Laney is the boss though.
    Laney most likes to do the things that are sleep on the couch (http://www.flickr.com/photos/thebees/2142271642/) and eat shoelaces. Tux most likes to play the game that is YOUCANTGRABMYTOY with anyone who will play.
    We live in the place that is called Niagara, but you can come and visit and we can go to the place that is called the leashfree park and run and run and run!

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