this thing this

First and foremost…the effexor update…
Dropping from 319mg down to 300mg was rough. Really rough. I spent a lot of time being very upset, crying, hating people, feeling like I had the flu, sleeping and also hating people. At the same time my hormones did their monthly plummet and that…exacerbated things.
David and I decided that I will stay at 300 until I am fully stable again. So I’m thinking probably 2 weeks at 300mg and then I’ll move down again.
Everything else?
Well yes, the other things…
David convinced me to go to trivia night at Merlin’s Rest on Sunday night. That shit was hard. I’ve never done bar trivia, but David had been going with some of his friends and finally I joined in. They said most bar trivia was pop culture and current events stuff. I can do current even news stuff, but pop culture would kill me. The trivia at Merlin’s Rest was a lot of news, history and science. Needless to say, I had an awesome time, even if we did score rather poorly (Why the hell could I not remember the Indus River??? Seriously! That was the answer to 2 questions!). I’ll have to study up better for next time, and it seems that Dingley has a thing about cows and I should probably learn about cows too.
Been feeling creative lately and have been pumping out purses for sale…of course mostly they sell before I can get them on Etsy, which is a pretty damned good deal if you ask me!


Speaking of Etsy, I put up some new yarn the other day. MMMMMM caterpillar invasions!
And, this week is David’s spring break which we kicked off by laying in bed and discussing ancient Sumerians! Nerdy? not as nerdy as this:
The other night I had a dream in which many nutty things happened. At one point I was trying to find David and I was calling out to him, but he wasn’t responding. Then I realized that I had to call out “my mermaid man” except in Italian in order to get him to respond. Huh. I don’t speak Italian. In my dream I sat there trying to figure out what the Italian word for mermaid might be. Then I remembered MANATEES!!! Manatees belong to the order Sirenia! They were often mistaken for mermaids and Sirenia is Latin for MERMAID!!! I figured it all the fuck out in my dream! “Mia Sirenio Uomo!!! Mia Sirenia Uomo!!” Obviously it’s not grammatically correct Italian but the nerd factor of that damned dream was so huge it cannot be measured. damn.
Oh, yeah and he DID finally respond to me, he’d been in the bathtub in the house that had been built around the gigantic elevator doors…the doors to the elevators to the basement of the parking garage outside the the small town Nebraska arena where the minor league basketball teams had their championship games (we had a suite in the arena and we used a fake credit card to pay for it but they didn’t care and even gave me a new tire for my car!). The elevators were not working, so I went across the street to the houses built around those elevators to see if maybe it was a system wide issue or just something wrong with those elevators. When I looked back the house was on fire and David was inside! People were throwing snow on the house and I ran up and broke all the glass in the windows so the people could breathe.
And this is where we came in, I had to find David because he’d been in the burning house. I needed to make sure he was okay.
and now might be the time for the big sandwich.