Scandinavean Balls of Steal!

So that eternal cold chill that’s gripping the north something something? Yeah it’s here too. Every once in a while I am compelled to add another item to the list of “things that are kinda cool about not working (except I can’t celebrate because not working is shame!)”
This morning I added “not having to leave the house when it is -21 degrees”! Even the dogs hated it. Poor Chester had to keep lifting his feet off the snow while pooping. This caused him to scoot around. Oh early morning cold weather hilarity!
Later in the day I had to run to the post office to mail some packages. I feared the cold! I feared it even more when I realized that my coat and moon boots were in the trunk of my car. How was I supposed to survive!? I left wearing my sneaker shoes and a fleece pullover (and hat and fingerless gloves and cowl) convinced I was going to freeze to death.
I didn’t. In fact I was hot as hell. The thing with my meds is that they make me hot all the goddammed time. Any walking, or movement or whatever and I’m super hot! Even the act of turning over and grabbing the blanket to cover me can make me too hot for the blanket! It’s messed up. I just didn’t thing my internal Vesuvius would be able to overcome the ice age going on outside. HA! The weather is my Pompeii and I turn her into my bitch!
It’s been a weird 10 days or so. I’ve done a lot of noodling about in my head. I have for once decided to trust myself. At the heart of the situation I had to actually believe that I am not a poor communicator and that I can explain things really well. If after 6 months someone does not understand what I am saying maybe they aren’t the most qualified to listen. That was an exceptionally hard thing to accept. I’m the first to accept blame when things get messed up and I’m the first to assume something is my fault.
So yeah, tough week. If you’ve tried to call me, sorry, the phone is off.
On the other hand I taught myself another crafty skill. That was pretty cool! Go buy something!

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  1. I can’t wrap my head around how cold it is here. They’re, like, “it’s going to be 8” and I’m like “8 what?” It just doesn’t register that temperatures go that low. It’s like if you heard “tune in to channel -3”.

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