oh yeah! hey!

Um yeah, went to Chicago and came back! and I have to go again this weekend!
And I would write about it but I’m still pretty exhausted.
1. finished most of the Christmas shopping
1a. finding myself less and less interested in Christmas as the years go by. Whatever it may have been, it’s pretty much just turned into obligatory product exchanges and a reason to double up on the ‘mood enhancers’.
2. Had the awesomest time ever with the kids and Lisa and John.
3. Missed the hell out of David. I mean really really missed him.
3a. also missed the dogs
3b. the dogs have been plastered to my body since I got home.
4. Cloverfield has good explosions and a pretty good monster but it’s like every character is trying to function after 3 beers and a frontal lobotomy. “There’s a gigantic fucking monster breaking things…I think I will run towards it to try to save someone who might already be dead.” “I’m flying a helicopter over a city being ravaged by a gigantic fucking monster. I think I will fly directly over it instead of flying away from it.”
5. I absolutely loathe the children’s television show “Dragon Tales”. I mean like seriously hate that shit. What the fuck is a kid supposed to learn from a show with absolutely no conflict/resolution? And why is Cheech their teacher?
6. I had prosciutto wrapped fresh mozz for dinner. it was pretty good.
7. I’m going to go have a snow man ice cream head.

Ways in which I am a doofus pt 341,887,990

I live in the city and when I drive i mostly do city driving. In observing my city driving habits I’ve come to the conclusion that I am going to be one of those pain in the ass old ladies that’s always hitting the brakes and freaking and making her passengers very nervous in the city (sort of like now, but I will smell like lilacs and pee when I am old).
The thing is, I have shitty-to-no depth perception and that makes driving a fascinating exercise for all involved. Mostly, it’s not the moving that’s an issue, but the parking. I hate any sort of parallel parking, I also hate trying to find a damned parking spot on a city street because you have to go slow enough to look for the spot and be able to stop for it but you can’t go so slow that you mess with traffic! It can be panic inducing!
Plus you have to deal with one-ways and weird street configurations and blah blah blah.
So! Being the doofus that I am I’ve taken to hitting Google maps before I leave and scoping out the entire area on street view before I go! This way I can see all the cross streets, figure out the one-ways, find nearby parking lots and basically preplan the minutia of the trip.
In less than an hour I am meeting a friend for coffee. The intersection she gave me is a pretty busy part of town! I could not picture the coffee shop in my head so I went to look and LO!!! the angels sang on me! There it was! With a large, accommodating parking lot no less! Easy! Total doofus, no panic! I love Google street view!
In other news…
Will be in Chicago for the weekend with Lisa and John and the kids. We’ll be making Christmas cookies! I’ve never made Christmas cookies with kids before, I’m very much looking forward to this (and the mess!).
Have 7 skeins of yarn to post and sell (4 pangolins, 3 hippomoons). Just need to take photos. Almost done with my first batch of I’m Your Moon, the Pluto/Charon yarn named after the JoCo song. And I realized that I need to make an official Auntie BubboPants colorway. If you don’t know Auntie BubboPants, don’t worry, I’m trying to figure out the best way to share her with you and that should be ready soon!
Okay. Stop. Shower time!


Dear people who know me and also the people who sort of know of me but maybe aren’t on a first name basis with me,
The Ravelry Mini-Mart has been made accessible to those of you who do not have Ravelry accounts. This is important because otherwise you would not be able to order Ravelry hoodies or Disagree(1) t-shirts…for me…because you want me to look my Ravelbest!
For those of you following the awesome yarn sales over at my etsy shop
1. Got a batch of HippoMoon roving ready to draft and spin. Give me a few days and I will have some more HippoMoon in stock
2. DJ Stegosaurawk is in the hizzouse and he wants to rock you!
3. The Emperor’s Aurora is gone again. This one is really time intensive, I can spend an entire day drafting together one skein. It will probably be a while before I get some more.
4. In news of awesomeness, I got permission from Jonathan Coulton‘s assistant, Scarface, to name my Pluto/Charon yarn after his song, ‘I’m Your Moon‘. It was not my intention originally to relate the yarn to the song, but every time I worked on the yarn I got the song stuck in my head and whenever I described the story for the yarn people would say, “oh! like that Jonathan Coulton song”. The roving is up and drying for that.
That’s all my foamy peeps. Have an awesome Thursday!

hi HI hhihihihiii!

Hi hi HI HI HI!!! hi!
Hi! HI! My name is Chester. I am CHESTER! I am the dog that lives with the lady and the man and the doofus Maddie! That is me! and I am doing the thing that is telling you about the thing that is….

The lady. OH MY GOD!!! Okay, you know the lady? She is the lady that does the things that are take you to the dog park and also put cuddles on you and put your warmiecoat on you! Right? You know this lady? YOU KNOW HER!! I know you know her because my name is Chester and the thing that I know is all of the stuff! Right! YEAH!!!
So the lady did the thing that was dye the yarn and spin the yarn and say the thing that was “Chester! Get the hell away from the wool or I will put you in a box and mail you up someone’s butt!”
SHE DID THOSE THINGS!!! And now the thing that she is doing is she is selling the yarn to the peoples that are not her or the man (the man! he does not do things with yarn! he does things that are running with Chester and eating a burrito!!!). So
OH MY GOD! Okay so my name is Chester and the thing that I get to do is tell you that there is yarn and that if you want a yarn you can buy the yarn and if I tell you this then I can have the thing that is the peanut butter biscuit!! Right!!