the things that I do when I am not thinking of you

let’s look at some photos, shall we…

I made a fort in the living room last week. Maddie wanted to make sure everything was okay! Please note the absolute adoration in her eyes. She adores me despite the gigantic zit on my chin.

One good face snuffle to make sure I am okay and then…

She goes on guard duty!

hee hee hee piggotail!

I kept trying and trying to find a way to dye my roving in this splotchy manner without having to lay it out and squirt the dye on it. I wanted a quick and easy way in the crock pot. Most of my attempts made solid color roving. Quite by accident I got this when I pulled the roving out of the crock pot this morning. Happy.

Yellow roving and green roving to be spun up and then plyed with white for my ‘Creamsicle’ collection (ha ha ha I decided to have a ‘collection’. awesome)

This is the first Creamsicle batch done up in orange

lots of Creamsicle!

This is a blue and purple yarn I call HippoMoon

More HippoMoon

Noodly purple stuff that needs to be soaked and hung up. Still unsure about what I will do with it.

It’s like chest hair for Grimace!

oh my god! I love my moon boots!

How could you not??

Even Maddie loves my Moon Boots!!!

Today, Maddie turns 8 years old. You wouldn’t know she was 8 when you hung out with her. She is bright and active and definitely outliving most shar pei expectations! Happy Birthday, Maddie! Eight years old is BIG GIRL TIMES!

11 thoughts on “the things that I do when I am not thinking of you

  1. You are so freaking cool I wanna just touch you once so I can be cool as you for the rest of my life.

  2. yayayayay! I LOVE the noodly stuff. You should call it Medusa because that is what it reminds me of. How many yards is it?

  3. yay yay!!! hooray! I don’t know how many yards in the noodly stuff, but it’s about 3.5 ounces and most of it is pretty fine. I need to get a good yardage counter

  4. I’m enamoured of HippoMoon & the noodly purple medusa stuff. Hooray for forts! Hooray for Maddie! Happy birthday, sweet girl dog.

  5. OMG I love your moon boots, too! And your roving! And your dog!!! It’s funny, I totally knew she was guarding your fort before I even scrolled down long enough to see your caption, because when you’re in a fort and see a dog’s back, that’s what they’re doing. What a good girl! *scritches Maddie’s ears*

  6. I looooove the Hippomoon! I really want to learn how to dye and spin…and after this blog I really want to face snuffle a dog. College is not dog-friendly! Maddie’s adorable, and Chester still has my love. He totally looked like he was saying, “Hiiiii…Maddie what are you doing and when can I see the lady?”

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