I think the laptop did completely and thoroughly die. This time, the hard drive should be fine, it’s just everything else that does not want to work.
I accept this (mostly). It’s almost 5 years old and in that time it has accumulated more abuse than a …oh I don’t know…Thai hooker? feedlot cow? unpopular opinion? So I’m not surprised it died, just really really pissed and mostly I am pissed because i have emotional issues and poor anger management skills…or something.
Anyway, pie.
also, i am trying to decide if it is awesome or retarded that i made a yarn color based on emperor penguins watching the aurora australis while protecting their eggs. awesomely retarded? retardedly awesome?
also, I am leaving for Missouri on Wednesday. This fills me with insanely unhealthy amounts of anxiety, but i will have my dogs with me so i guess it will be okay.
I wonder is you can make a legitimate sandwich with 2 slices of banana cream pie and a slice of blueberry pie?