Oh let’s be realistic here.

Recently, Minnesota’s biggest source of shame and bewilderment, Michelle Bachman, took a trip to ANWR to check out the situation and get behind the the drilling team.
She came back and had this to say:
“It’s almost like you have a kitchen full of little children that are hungry and want to eat,” said the Minnesota Republican, a mother of five and past foster mother of 23. “The pantry has a lock on the door, but the pantry is filled with food.”
Via Star Tribune
Now, I don’t care where you stand on the whole drilling in ANWR debate, but we have to be realistic about this. We’re not little children, pitiful and starving while wholesome and delicious food is being kept from us. Really, it’s more appropriate to say we’re a mass of fat gluttons in the kitchen and the pantry is full of Twinkies and Hot Pockets.
When using that “small pitiful child” metaphor, maybe you should use it in conjunction with a situation that is truly life or death. Like the fact that there’s all this “medical care” out there, but small children don’t have access because there’s no money.
As Americans, this fuel situation really has less to do with bad people starving us to death, but stubborn people with a sense of entitlement. I hate the fucking $4 gas as much as the next person, but I also admit that my car is a gas guzzler and that if I don’t want to pay $88 to fill my tank I will have to drive less.
Being hungry isn’t a reason to be given Twinkies.
Honestly, I can appreciate both sides of the ANWR and I believe that either path will lead to the same end.

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