…loves me very much…

This is in a warehouse in Nevada and it has my name on it (well, technically it has David’s name on it since he bought it for me!) and it will ship soon soon.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!! This is what I say!!!!!
Now I have to get my motorcycle permit (because the engine is 150cc) and take the class and buy a helmet and feel awesome and awesome!

you miss me

Sorry, things have been weirdy stressy and blah blah and then I got sick and then the doctor gave me 2 prescriptions that effectively would cancel each other out and things got worse before they got better and I spent a lot of time in bed, with pain.
And I am getting better. so yeah, I’ll be back soon.
In the meantime:


So I keep losing my phone and on one hand it’s like “Shit! I lost my phone!” but mostly it’s just “…..” because I don’t even realize it’s missing until I realize that it’s been very very quiet for a few days!
So yeah I’m missing calls left and right but you know, leave a message and all that.

I think I should have this!