How to move non-stop for a few days (part 2 in which I make a mediocre dinner and David becomes a hero)

Upon arriving home and greeting the dogs and jumping around and peeing I got started on dinner.
I pulled the pork roat out of the crock pot and shredded the meat, I pureed the sauce, I cooked the squash. I got all my stuff together to make spicy pork and squash enchiladas and i realized that I hadn’t really thought any of this through. My process was haphazard at best, i hadn’t given a thought to all the ingredients I would need or even how to balance any of the flavors.
To say I was disappointed with the results would be an understatement.
But there was salad with peppadew peppers and chevre and a handmade raspberry vinaigrette and that wasn’t too bad.
As the meh-nchiladas were baking I went to show julie how to use the ball winder and swift. I set up her first hank of yarn on the swift and discovered that the knots had been tied by Peru’s criminally insane! I did not want to cut the knots because quite often they use the yarn in the skein to tie things in place and I didn’t want to cut that sort of thing. After fighting and fighting it was discovered that they used scrap yarn to tie it off and it could all be cut. Jerks.
Julie wound ball after ball and the magic that is my ball winder and swift truly came alive.
After dinner she went back to wind another ball of yarn and just as she got started it was discovered that the yarn was cut in multiple places, probably by a box opener. Things got tangle quickly and it looked like a loss.
David, in his invisible cape and hero underpants stepped. He slowly and patiently untangled the mess and wound as many partial balls as possible. He is truly our hero.
Coming up: We stand in line, and stand in line and stand in line and then I get freaky with Kim Werker!