How to move non-stop for a few days (part 1 in which I spend some money)

Julie is on her way. I sit quietly on the sofa and drink my coffee and wait for her call. waiting and waiting. Then she calls and I speed off to the airport to pick her up.
I’ve not seen Julie in a couple years and I am excited to see her. Our first stop is Cupcake, but our route is hampered by the lack of bridge between here and there. Put me in minneapolis and tell me where to go and I can follow the grid of streets and get you there. Tell me to go to a place in St Paul and remove the bridge and the wacky angle of the streets caused by the bend in the river gets me every time. For those familiar with the area, I went from the airport to near downtown, turned around, got on 35E, got off at downtown, drove to 94 and took that to 280 and managed to find it there on University Ave. Of course I am sure there was a less zig-zaggy way to do this, but I imagine it was not at fun.
Julie and I ate and laughed and talked about…i don’t remember, maybe it was penises. Cupcakes were consumed and more cupcakes purchased for later. The superawesome cupcake of the day was the Mexican Hot Chocolate cupcake with it’s cinnamon/coffee goodness.
We packed up the cupcakes and headed out. We were delayed by the biggest yellow lab on the planet. I’m pretty sure Trogon the Galaxy Humper has a smaller head than that dog! But he was the sweetest thing ever and I am incapable of ignoring really sweet dogs that obviously want my love. The owner was one of those lucky women that got to bring her dog to work every day. Super envy!
Cash money was pulsing in my purse and the only cure for that is to spend it on yarn! We went to Borealis Yarns for a yarn hunting safari. We met up with Dawn and her son, the amazingly cute Nick. Little boys with curly hair are such flirts and they know it works!
The front of Borealis is good, but I am always drawn to the back room. And entire room populated with sock yarns and fingering weight yarns. Sigh? SIGH! I shoved my head into the last crate of Smooshy and managed to find enough Cool Fire to use for a lovely sweater.
Julie was drooling over some peruvian wool and got a couple hanks of a coppery color and a few hanks of something red that I think was a Cherry Tree Hill supersock but I can’t remember and she will have to tell me.
On the way home I got to impress Julie with the American healthcare system. In Canada everyone may be entitled to healthcare, but in America we have drive thru pharmacies! Where’s your poutine now??
Coming up: Mehnchiladas and David becomes a hero to many.

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