HI HI HI HI HI again!

Hi! My name is chester. I am chester. me, chester….snuffle snuffle
Okay the fat lady, she’s been all busy! She’s busy, I don’t go outside as often OUTSIDE oh my god I love going outside because I can tell people what my name is and I can poop and…oh…right
So, the fat lady is busy, but not with me.Me. CHESTER! She’s gonna post soon.
Then I can go outside. I love outside! I tell everyone my name and I make sure they know to stay away from my yard because it’s my yard and it’s mine and sometimes maddie’s
Maddie looks like a hippo! And when I am outside I poop. and I walk
and outside I was doing things and did you know that no three snowflakes smell exactly alike! this is true or my name isn’t chester! OH MY GOD my name is chester. I was smelling 3 snowflakes and I noticed that they didn’t smell alike and then I ran to the other side of the yard and smelled three more and then I ran to a different part of the yard to smell more BUT THAT MAN WAS ACROSS THE STREET AND I HAD TO TELL HIM TO GO AWAY MY NAME IS CHESTER!!
And the fat lady is all in a robe and her moon boots and telling me things like hurry up and fuck and buttpunch. and I don’t understand because you have to smell all the snowflakes to be sure
and I smelled more snowflakes and they didn’t smell ali..MADDIE!! I’m jumping on madding OW OW OW she’s biting my head
I have to poop. If I poop on a snowflake will it smell like the other snowflakes with poop on them? OH MY GOD! have you seen me poop? I do it on the ground when I am outside. Hey! snow! Look at that. I wonder what it smells like?
Poop. Yeah.
Oh, hey, there’s the fat lady! I wanna run inside and sit on her