Able was I ere I saw Palindromes

We got Palindromes from Netflix the other day. Meh. I wasn’t all that taken with it. Reviews kept calling it funny. It wasn’t funny. There were a few goofy moments but overall, it wasn’t funny. There were so many other ways to describe it: sad, hopeless, upsetting, stilted and forced, poorly thought out, gimmicky, devastating.
I just wasn’t all that taken with it. The idea of using different actresses (and one actor) to play the main character might have worked if the personalities of the actresses (and actor) defined a characteristic of Aviva,, the main character. As proof of my utter lack of soul, I just did not like the very young actress that played young Aviva. Sticking your tongue way out when you talk in order to fake a lisp doesn’t make you cute or precocious, it just means your mom lied to you about how to look cute.
It’s PMS/miss ghengis terribly/get weepy/become territorial about my cereal and ice cream/feel apathetic week, the week out of every month that makes David ask himself what the hell he’s doing with a giant glandular sloth in the house.
Instead of calling animal control on me, he bought me a peach pie. Nothing says I love you like not having you hauled away to a zoo when you truly deserve it. Nothing says long term commitment like peach pie instead of a kick in the ass. The peach pie is delicious and happy and surprisingly peachy!
After taking way too much effexor the other day, I realized just how lovely it is not to give a shit! My god! It was awesome. You want to complain to me? Go ahead, I don’t care! Make bad decisions and not take responsibility? I’m here to hear and not listen! Run a red light and almost t-bone me? Go ahead, I honestly could not care any less (also my power steering thingy is making loud noises so make sure you hit that part of the car so it will be covered on the insurance). Chew up the sofa? let me add peanut butter to the cushion for you. Seriously, I just could not bring myself to care and it was incredibly liberating.
Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure that the doctor is not going to allow me to bump my prescription all the way up to 450 mgs just so I can become a dick. She’ll tell me to work on being a dick at this dosage first.
and in better news, I’m in the middle of calculating and designing a sweater since the awesome cabled version I showed you the other day just would not work with the yarn I have and I don’t feel like buying more yarn. Wait, wrong, I do feel like buying more yarn, every day I feel like buying more yarn, I just don’t want to buy more yarn for a sweater. I have other actual projects that need to be worked on first.
Bumble ramble I got nothing else. Stay sharp my marshmallows!