The things that happen and the thing not to do

So, I’ve not gotten a good, full night of sleep since I got out of bed last Monday. That would be the 10th. That would be a very long time ago. This is the longest I have gone without good sleep in a long long time. It makes me crazy, obsessive and crabby.
Shut up.
This morning, high on the lack of good sleep and confused as hell I took three effexor. I’m supposed to take 2. I take two 150 milligram effexor every morning and three 100 milligram welbutrin. The welbutrin are blut, the effexor are brown. This morning, I was tired. I took. I took 50% more than I should have. I took 450 milligrams. Took me a while to figure out what was going on. I figure I was loopy from lack of sleep. Then I realized that beyond the loopiness I was also completely fucking apathetic. I just did not care about anything.
Yeah. Need more sleep before I mistake the drano for horchata mix.
On the bright side, crochet projects are coming along beautifully.