Time for an intervention

I finally got my invitation to Ravelry and I signed up immediately. Since it’s totally in beta right now, you have to wait for the administrators to invite you.
To quote Spongebob:
“It tastes like I always imagined it would”
I’m uploading projects, I’ve joined the Crochet Liberation Front, I’ve found new patterns. I am totally geeking out in a crazy yarn way. It’s sick. I need help.


yeah, fixed. and by fixed I mean I just went back to my old template.
Creating a whole new blog on MT4 or creating your blog with all the new stuff, totally easy. Trying to upgrade your blog but keep your styles…headpoundingly frustrating.
I will continue to hammer away at it, but for now, we will revel in the deliciousness that is my pinkity pink blog and my Ghengis/Maddie/Dino banner that Jessi made for me.

oh! new!

I just upgraded to Movable Type 4. More specifically, the ever awesome Pavel from Living Dot did the upgrade for me. So, two things
1) if things get wonky, be patient while I work out the new features and try to get things going.
2) if you are looking for a web host I more than recommend Living Dot as a host. From the beginning they’ve been pleasant, helpful, fun and responsive. Their tech support is in the US and they speak english (not that I’m disparaging the other languages of the world, it’s just that when your tech support dude says “i doubt at the installation part of you” to you…). Their prices are reasonable, I’ve never had a minute of down time (that I know of) and again, the tech support is out of this world.
Wish me luck my peeps!

someone naked?

I’m working on the day 4 photos and movies and eating generic lucky charms. I also have two dogs right next to me on the sofa wrestling for my love.
okay, fuck it, I filled Chester’s canine genius with dog food and generic lucky charms(mostly dog food but planting the idea that there might be MORE lucky charms inside if he just keeps working on it makes for quiet time). Maddie needed a break. Ever since we got back from the BWCA Chester has decided that the only thing I am allowed to love is him. He’s the only one I can snuggle with or talk to or give belly rubs to. David is starting to miss his belly rubs.
This is a new one on me. I’ve never really seen this behavior in a dog. It’s like jealousy but dogs don’t really have jealousy as such. Mostly I don’t involve myself in the dog politics, I expect them to work things out their own way. Lately I have had to get involved because he’ll pester Maddie to the edge of madness if she spends too much time with me. A couple minutes in the dominance roll calms him down for a bit.
David was doing laundry and found one of Anna’s shirts that she must have left here while housesitting. I found another. Today at lunch I gave Anna her shirts but she only claimed the nerdy Lord of the Rings shirt, not the other one. The three of us debated whose shirt it might be, but we all had to conclude that we each knew our own clothes and we would know if that was ours.
So, if anyone is missing a Gap 100% cotton button down shirt, size medium, medium blue with slender white and grey stripes, I have it. You can have it back if you can explain how it got in my laundry room.
David was at the grocery store looking at the pistachios when a guy came up, grabbed a handful and walked away. Later, David found a pile of pistachio shells by the water jug filler.
Now, I’m no fuddy-duddy, but damn. DAMN. You want to try a grape and make sure they’re sweet, okay that’s fine. Maybe you’re not sure if you like the chocolate covered wienerpops in the bulk bin….pushing it, but try one. Only one!
The large barrels of peanuts and pistachios are for sale, not for snack. They are not put out as a public service to quell the hunger of stupid shoppers. They are put out so that customers may pick the amount they want and purchase (PURCHASE) that amount.
And I don’t want to hear the argument “well, the grocery store is screwing us! this is my way of getting even!” You’re not getting even, you’re eating pistachios that you didn’t pay for. If you want to ‘get even’ then go to another grocery store. The nice thing about this free-marketesque economy is that if you can patronize any business you want. You show support or anger with your wallet, not with pistachios.
Also, throw your shells away you shit! Do you think they just disappear into thin air once you put them down and walk away? They don’t other customers have to see them and buy the products near them. Somebody also has to pick them up and throw them away for you. Are you so out of touch that you think “hey! pistachios! i love pistachios, I should eat some” and then “my hand is full of empty pistachio shells…don’t need those!”?
Our every action, large and small, cuts a path in this world. Our every action is a stone dropped in a pond, the ripple moves outward affecting a larger and larger area. Your choice is to make sure that the paths you cut in this world are clean and productive, not destructive. Your goal should be to keep the ripples to a minimum.
I guess shit like this (and graffiti tagging and petty theft and whatnot) is that it shows such a lack of perspective on the part of the person doing it. They think only of themselves, their adoration of pistachios, their need to mark their territory with a paint can, the love of a good stop sign. I don’t expect people to live as ascetics eating rocks and quietly mumbling apologies to the world, just have some perspective. Think about something other than your wants, consider that other people don’t want to pick up your pistachio shells!

BWCA Day 3

Wolves in the distance woke me and I lay there listening. Up before the sun, peed by a log. Basic camping stuff.
David and I went down to the rock at the water to take in the sites and appreciate what ‘was’. The nice thing about having an entire lake to yourself is that you can go around in your underpants and offend no one! Well, no one but the beavers, but they’re dicks anyway.

Chester tried to do his best Sean Penn impression but failed.

We relaxed with our feet in the water, the sun still hidden behind us. We were protected by the rocks and the trees. As the sun came around I could tell it had chosen me as its special victim (because, you know, the sun has it out for me). I scooted into the shade and pulled a towel over me. I even commented that perhaps at this age I should be more responsible about my skin and avoid getting burnt. Yeah, remember the time I went to Key West and got burnt so bad my skin was purple and it radiated heat for days? Yeah, I need to stop doing that.
David slathered me in spf 8000 and we decided this would be a quiet day. As I mentioned in a previous post, my goal was to find equilibrium, to make peace with myself. Today was the day. I grabbed my book, some crossword puzzles (even junkies need a fix in the wild) and my trail mix and headed out to a shaded rock that overlooked the lake.

David was busy collecting and boiling water so Chester decided that he’s get way more passing out done near me. As the sun moved, so did I. I was determined to stay away. Screw you, sun!
Between crossword puzzles and chapters in my book I spent a lot of time thinking. Contemplating. The results are in the post previous to this.
It really was one of those days where you sit very still and allow yourself to stop projecting and start accepting what is around you. (Stop Projecting! Start Accepting! I’m totally going to write a self help book and act like a dick and be a darling of daytime talk show hosts! Better watch it Dr Phil, I’m gonna knock your ass into a spin.). Of course while I was sitting and navel gazing, David was taking the canoe out and actually doing camp related survival chores like removing Giardia lamblia from our drinking water.

Speaking of water, I am stupid! When we g camping we bring a certain amount of water with us, but it’s not intended to last the trip. At 8 pounds a gallon, you’re really not going to bring all the drinking water you need with you. You will have to collect and filter or boil the water. Getting the water from the middle of the lake allows you to have water without so many floaty bits in it. As I was watching our ‘city’ water supplies dwindle I automatically went into reserve mode. I wanted to make it last. i knew in my head that we would be boiling some soon, but I was responding to the visual. I stopped drinking water and when I did drink some it was only a small amount. On day 2 I only peed twice and the second time was right before we went to bed and I had to think of waterfalls and Dr Phil to make it happen. Lack of pee in this very hot weather with all this exercise means lack of hydration.
The headache started on day 3. Along with the contemplating and sun fear, I was also battling a headache from dehydration…in the wilderness…with no Alleve. I told David and he made me drink a lot of water and kept on me, but the headache just had to run its course. I seriously considered trying to find a willow tree and boiling its bark because I read somewhere that aspirin came from the bark of willow trees and even though there are no willow trees there…I was going to try. No I wasn’t.
To make myself feel better, I laughed at the dog.

My dog looks like a pig when he sleeps

Also, he has actual buttcheeks. My dog has buttcheeks! If my dog could dial a phone he’d totally be calling for help since I’m always pinching his little doggie buttcheeks.

fuzzy dude on the tent

I think he wants to kill me.

By mid afternoon I knew I had lost my battle. Sunscreen, shade, sacrificed squirrels, it didn’t matter, my back and shoulders were burnt all to hell. They hurt and I was not feeling very happy about this. Fucking sun! I’m going to get in a spacemobile and fly to you and punch you right in the photosphere!
We ate rehydrated food and campfire baked potatoes and some MREs and we split a bottle of wine while watching the sun go down. I felt better after that.
Hanging the food in the tree was harder for some reason and I got stabbed by an angry tree. There was cloud cover so we could not watch the stars.

Look! I have iMovie and I like the fade out-fade in transitions!