I am bruised, bumped, scraped and cut. I am sunburned so badly I want to cry. My muscles ache, it rained on us, flies bit me, mosquitoes bit me. I had to walk forever carrying heavy packs over rough terrain and my dog jumped out of the canoe, had to be rescued and then draped his stinky wet body over my lap to sulk while I tried to paddle.
So why do I go to the BWCA?
Because after the sun sets, David and I can lay on the rock ledge that overlooks the lake and we can watch the stars come out. The loons call to one another from lake to lake and later the wolves sing their mournful dirge. We can lay there counting shooting stars (we had 9 one night) and know that there is not another human for miles.
I have a billion photos and some movies and I’ll try to get things loaded and captioned and I will try to pare the stories down so you don’t have to scroll through 87 paragraphs looking for the juicy bits.